Hide an NFC Tag Underneath a Coaster

Recently I purchased a set of  Kamor® NFC tags to tinker around with.  NFC tags are passive devices that an Android phone can read as unique identifier and trigger specific events. Edit: For a further explanation on the applications of NFC tabs, please see MKBHD’s video below.  The problem with the tags, however, is that they have to be out in the open to easily use them.  Sitting on my couch the other day, I was looking at my THIRSTYSTONE coaster sitting on my end table and had a brilliant idea; embed the NFC tag in the coaster.  The coasters that we have happen to have a cork bottom that is a little thicker than the NFC tag and so I was able to cut out a piece of the cork and stick the NFC tag inside.  Also, before attempting this modification, I made sure that my Moto X was able to sense the tag through the coaster.




Tools needed: Utility knife, coaster, and NFC tag.


Tracing the NFC tag on the cork bottom of the coaster.


The outline of the NFC tag.


The bottom side of the coaster after cutting out the cork.


The final modification after sticking the tag to the coaster.



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