Get Notified of a Project Release on GitHub Using IFTTT

When setting up Google Drive on my Raspberry Pi, I came across the drive GitHub repository. I wanted to be notified when new binary releases are posted, but I didn’t want to use the GitHub Watch function because I didn’t want to be notified every time something happened on the repository.

My solution is to use IFTTT monitor the ATOM feed embedded in the GitHub Release page.

Here are the directions:

Open the GitHub repository and click on the Releases tag if available.

Screenshot 2016-05-02 at 21.20.58

On the Releases page, view the source code (Ctrl+U in Chrome & Firefox & Cmd+Opt+U in Safari) and search for the releases.atom link.

Go to IFTTT and create a recipe with RSS as the trigger and Gmail or Email as the action.

Here is a link to my public recipe.


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