The Switch to Woodworking

Most of my previous tinkering involved some sort electronics and programming, mainly because the low cost and the lack of space, equipment, tools, and the like. Recently, I’ve become interested in woodworking, or more specifically, cabinetmaking with hand tools.

Why the sudden switch you ask? More funds have become available, I now have a garage to store tools and the like, and I wanted more of a craft type hobby; something that I can do that will give me something tangible in the end.

Hand Tool Route

In terms of woodworking, I decided to go the hand tool route instead of power tools for multiple reasons. The main reason is to become more in touch with the craft. Other reasons include it requires less space and the tools are cheaper than power tools. The main drawback to using hand tools is that building stuff takes a bit longer but hey, it’s a hobby and hobbies are meant to fill time.

The only power tool that I’ve been using on my projects so far is my Makita XFD11ZB Sub‑Compact Brushless Cordless 1/2″ Driver‑Drill and that’s because I don’t have a bit brace, auger set, nor egg beater style hand drill. One thing I want to avoid is being a purest and use power tools where necessary and/or convenient. Using the both and approach is the best life policy I find with most things.

Woodworking Education

In terms of my woodworking education, I’m relying mostly on the University of YouTube. Paul Sellers is by far my favorite because he makes woodworking more accessible to us hobbyists. He’s able to accomplish some fairly quality stuff with very basic hand tools which makes it cheaper for those of us that are just starting out. I do realize that there are Paul Sellers critics out there that complain about how he likes to bash tool manufacturers, but it’s hard not to have biases when you’ve been in the trade for 50 years.

Tool Making

The other thing that I enjoy about woodworking is the making of my own tools. So far I’ve made a dovetail template, shooting board, and plough/rebate plane. Posts showing the completed tools to come (I didn’t take any photos during the actual builds).